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cape.Among the painters of the last quar●ter of the nineteenth century who already have ●worked under Ryepin's influence, there is no● longer any insidiousness of colorin▓g.Everything is seen clearly and strongl▓y reproduced.No Düsseldorferie and ▓no anecdote painting.Of course, t▓

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hey did not shun a subject useful in itself, ●and they by no means avoid a slight political● tendency.But they are no les▓s artists because they disdain to beg of ●the fanatics of art for art's sake the right▓ to the name of artists by an exclusion of all b▓ut purely neutral subjects.O●n the contrary, in the nave▓té in which they show themselves in their● art as human beings of their time, they▓ let it be known that the pr●oblem art for art's sake is for them w●ithout any meaning, since wi●th them it is an axiom that they desir●e to influence only through the medium of

the●ir art; and yet they judge every